Wednesday, 21 May 2014

ASOS Customer Service and Complaints Review

I thought this might be a useful subject to blog, as unfortunately for us fashionistas we can find ourselves unhappy with the quality of garments and footwear that we purchase, but when they cause an injury to our bodies that causes more concern than anything! 
Back around New Year time I purchased, what I thought were the most incredible pair of Metallic Silver Flatforms from ASOS. 

I must admit they were originally £28 and I got them for £19.50 in the sale. They also clearly stated they were made from Leather-Look material, so of course they're not going to be the most robust pair of sandals. Anyway, it was Easter weekend and I had just picked up some bits from the shops for Easter dinner with some friends and of course I was wearing my favourite flatforms! I was walking home and the next minute I knew I was on the floor, knee completely blooded up whilst my friends try and help me up. The toe strap off both shoes had completely snapped off!! Couldn't believe it! Luckily my friends helped me home and cleaned me up and took a picture of the injury (See pic below). I posted it on Twitter and tagged ASOS in the status and soon enough their Customer Service team messaged me and told me I would receive a full refund and a discount, delightful! They were so apologetic, super helpful and quick to turn my frown upside down!

So with my discount and refund I have purchased a new pair of real leather Flatforms (See pic below) I received 10% off so I got them for £31.50 and they're on their way in the post!

So if you are going to purchase shoes/sandals from Leather-Look material, be very cautious when you do, because even though you may think you're getting a bargain, it's probably not worth the injury you may get! Sometimes it really is worth paying more, then at least you know the quality is good and they will last longer. 

I would love to hear of any similar stories as well so please do leave a comment below! 


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