Thursday, 27 March 2014

The comfiest heels I own! New Look Colour-contrast Heels

These little beauty's are literally the comfiest heels I've ever bought. They certainly don't look it, but for £8.99 in a thrift store (never worn) I had to try them out! Now if you're like me and you are not the most graceful of girls walking in stilletoes these are perfect! They have a lovely thin ankle strap for extra support and the closed toe stops your feet from sliding down. Plus I love the contrasting pop of colour on the toe to give your outfit more of an edge! I wore them to a Jazz night at the Brunswick in Brighton and I had not a blister or sore in sight! The only thing I will say about these New Look shoes is that I have worn them once and the heel is already hanging off, I find this a lot with their shoes. So I would recommend getting them re-heeled straight away to avoid damaging the heel and injuring yourself! 

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